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New Generation 2 Pipes are available. Pictures will be available soon.

For many years the 1/4 size highland or parlor pipe has been recongizned as an instrument of fun and pleasure. My idea was to develop something more beneficial, diverse and bolder.

There are a variety of circumstances that prevent highland pipers from practicing indoors. Apartment living, sleeping children and unappreciative neighbors can all thake their toll on a piper's best intentions. I wanted to develop a pipe that you could blow and squeeze and not worry about having to back off on arm pressure like so many other mouth blown smallpipes on the market today. I also thought it would be very nice to have a pipe that was very low in maintenance, completely synthetic, but with a very traditional bass, baritone, tenor and alto drone configuration.

So! If you're looking for a second instrument that is closer in feel to the Great Highland Pipe than any other product on the market today, Look no further. Take the tour, download the great sound files and send us your questions at We would love to hear from you!

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